What Do You Know About The Black Knight

Black Knight is a black body in the form of satellite and it's 13,000 years old !!! Yes, the number is true, thirteen thousand years! although humans did not get into space until 60 years ago.

This space body turns around the earth in a vertical orbit and sends strange signals. His presence was discovered by Nicholas Tesla by chance using a radio system in 1899 called Digital Waves, but he could'nt decipher those signals at that time. Neither America nor Russia have the ability to install satellites in the same orbit.

In March 7, 1960, The Times journal published a science topic called "Space Watch's First Catch", which angered the US government at that time (read here). And this is a live image from the closest distance dates in January 2016, which is really shocking.

As I told you above, aged more than 13,000 years ago, this strange body turns around the earth!! Is it an alien spaceship? We do not know, the only fact that has been agreed upon by the majority of media and scientists is the name given to this body : Black Knight.

While the percentage of people who confessed its existence is very small, some claim that this object, which they considered a satellite was sending signals to the planet and that the International Space Agency (NASA) had inspected it before. They point out that the body has not penetrated Earth's orbit recently, but has been there for thousands of years, even though the technology of space missions and the transmission of objects into space has been developed only in the last 60 years. So where does this body come from?

Serbian inventor Nikola Tesla received the first broadcast of this UFO in 1899, claiming that he had received an unprecedented transmission thanks to a high-definition radio developed by himself. While the world was interested with the strange transmission received by Nicolas, the claim of the astronaut Gordon Connor sparked the story in the 1960s when he said that he saw this body lighting out.

The latest proof of the existence of the Black Knight in space dates back to 1998 when the crew of the space shuttle Endeavor took a picture while rotating around a near earth orbit.

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