Swimming Is The Best Sport Ever

The german sports expert Ingo Froböse said that swimming is one of the best sports for fitness and endurance. It helps to eliminate the excess of calories and also strengthens the muscles of the upper body and trunk.

"It has already been proven that the human body can burn 350 calories by swimming for half an hour in the condition that it is practiced with high technology," said Froböse, an expert at the Health Center of the German Sports University in Cologne.

The sports expert attributed the reason that swimming is among the most healthy sports for humans because of the advantages of water and its impact on the human body, such as the possibility of floating, which makes swimming particularly suitable for people with arthritis or who are overweight.

He added that the water strengthens the muscles and increases the ability of the body to resist, as it is 14 times higher resistant to the air. At the same time, the rate of energy burning when swimming is higher than in any other sport activity.

To take advantage of swimming as an endurance sport, Froböse recommended three times a week for at least 30 to 45 minutes at a time.

He insisted on the importance of maintaining a healthy rate of heart beats while swimming, where the rate of heart beats while swimming should be less than then running heart beats by 10 to 15 beats approximately.

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