See The Super Technology Of Security Cameras In China

As we know governments are always trying to employ any possible way to monitor citizens, but often they are spying on us without even knowing. In last years, thanks to a series of leaks made by some hackers, we finally have known the scale of spying by governments in different countries around the world.

A few months ago, the Wall Street Journal published a report about China's security cameras. The report was recommended with a set of videos documenting the size of the surveillance, with high-resolution cameras being detected with facial recognition.

A video of a place has been published in China in the past few weeks shows the progress of the technology involved by China's surveillance system. In the video you see below, the user system has the ability to track people or anything else in real time, face recognition and a host of other information.

Of course this system may not only be used for surveillance purposes, but may be exploited by advertising companies to make ads based on age and the type of person being examined, and this is more likely to what Facebook does for example.
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