Read The Story, The Kid Who Sleeps For 11 Continious Days

Read The Story, The Kid Who Sleeps For 11 Continious Days

A seven years old american kid was in a deep sleep and did not wake up for 11 days, which puzzled american doctors.

The story began when Wyatt Shaw went to his uncle's wedding and stayed dancing for too late at night. Then he felt pain in his abdomen and head before he went into a deep sleep and was not in a coma, but was in good health.

After his mother gave up waking him, he was taken to the hospital where he underwent a series of tests, including lumbar puncture, magnetic resonance imaging, brain wave planning, blood tests and angiography, but the results were negative. Doctors did not discover the cause of this strange fact, and the only thing they were sure about is that this child does not suffer from any viruses.

The french news magazine "Le Parisien" that reported the story said that the experts at the famous Mayo Clinic in Minnesota intervened to overcome this imbalance and came to no result. But finally, the help came from London, where doctors gave him a dose of a medecine that is given to patients suffering from epileptic seizures.

The magazine says that the boy woke up after recording the longest period of a person in continuous sleep, and he's today following treatment in a rehabilitation center where he recovered his senses but still struggling to express himself and walk. On the other hand doctors are still unable to explain this unknown situation, they described it as a rare case.

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