Loading Informations To The Brain Is Now Possible

Scientists have recently discovered how to download information directly to the brain. A group of researchers have developed a simulator that can directly feed the brain with informations, and also teach a person new skills in a short time. They believe that this is the first step in advanced software development, which will make you learn through simulated systems like matrix rather than realistic learning. Researchers at HRL Labs in California have also shown that they have found a new way to expand learning, they have studied thought the electrical signals of some previously trained pilots and then loaded this data on topics for beginners in real-time flight simulators. The results were amazing.

And when they published this study in a journal of neuroscience, they found that trainees who received brain stimulation during simulations by placing electronic stimulus covers on their brains improved their learning abilities by 33% better than other groups. The brain stimulation system based on electronic covers designed for this purpose is the first system of its kind, as explained by Dr. Matthew Phillips. He also explained that they chose flight trainees to conduct these studies because the flight mission is difficult, requiring knowledge and some practical performance.

But how does it work?

When you learn something, the internal structure of your brain changes. New links are formed and other links become stronger in a process called neurotransmitters. Consequently, certain regions of the brain are targeted to stimulate this process, such as areas responsible for speech and memory. Dr. Matthew predicted that the brain could be stimulated in the future for tasks such as learning to drive and learn languages ​​as well. That wasn't the only surprising discovery, Dr. Matthew said the same method was very old. In fact, ancient Egyptians used electric fish to reduce pain by stimulating the brain. If you think that brain information is only available in science fiction movies, you have to think again. Science has put it first in order to make fiction and even use it to increase your learning abilities.

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