Know The Cure To Winter Depression

The german professor Ingo Froböse advises that most people must practice sport to avoid the winter depression that some people may experience as winter comes, especially endurance sports such as swimming, running and cycling.

The sport has a very positive effect on the mood and psychological state of the human being, where the long-term exercise helps the secretion of hormones of happiness such as serotonin and endorphins in the brain, said Froböse, the professor in the Health Center of the German Sports University in Cologne.

The german expert comfirmed that the exercise not only up raises the mood of the human, but it makes him more resistant when exposed to any nervous pressure in the long term.

As for the usefulness of practicing endurance exercises in particular, he explained that the monotonous rhythm of many of these sports helps people to get into meditation and serenity.

And to take all its advantages, Froböse advises that the practice should be three to four times a week for 45 minutes each time, in order to improve mood significantly. It is also best to exercise in the afternoon, so that the production of vitamin D is stimulated by the sun rays.

"The practice of collective sports, such as football or handball, also has a positive impact on the psychological state, because of  the team spirit included, pointing out that combining them with the sports of endurance have an effective impact on human health and its ability to resist to nervous pressures, and by then get rid of winter depression.

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